TurboWeb2 Review

TurboWeb2 Review

TurboWeb2 Review is a look inside the software and the company Turboware which produces the software. This post will try to answer what type of company Turboware is and how good is their software TurboWeb 2.

I had purchased a copy of Turboweb2 software in the middle of October 2015. Which is about 3 weeks ago as of todays writing. I was impressed with the write-up I had read about the software on Black Hat World and thought I should give it a try.

TurboWeb2 is a SEO submission software capable of submitting articles to Web2.0 websites. It has roughly about 85 websites you can automatically submit articles to which is a decent amount of premium links ranging from a 2 to a 9 page ranking.

TurboWeb2 seemed simple enough to use from what I saw in the video advertisements. What I didn’t know was that was basically all the instructions anyone would ever receive about Turboweb2. What I should have done was look into how much tutorials and published instruction manuals there was about TurboWeb2. It’s basically non-existing. Here are all the video tutorials from the company TurboWare.  TurboWare videos

A total of 5 video tutorials about TurboWeb2 and 2 of those are introductions videos of 1 minute and 2 minutes long. The other three videos have a total play time of just over 4 minutes for 2 of them and the main tutorial is just over 10 minutes long. Of those 3 tutorial videos, one states it’s a beta version of TurboWeb2. Another video is all about Script building in TurboWeb2. So basically you receive just a single video tutorial of just over 10 minutes of instructions about TurboWeb2.

And that’s not even the really bad part about TurboWeb2 tutorials. Turobware’s biggest issue is that all these tutorial videos are of TurboWeb1. Not their latest version 2 of TurboWeb. And when I say latest version, I mean software that is 9 months old since it’s release date.  I had spoken with Marius who runs TurboWare and he said that his priorities was to releasing it’s other software TurboRanker3. Which to me seemed odd because TurboRanker has had 3 revisions and yet when you look at the tutorials for TuboRanker, it only has 3 videos released with a total play time of 9 minutes.  And those videos are just over 1 year old so I doubt it’s instructions is based on TurboRanker3.

OK, so you might forgive a company for not having the latest videos or enough videos to cover all the instructions you might need in becoming proficient in their software if they have well written instruction manuals….right?

Unfortunately that’s not the case with TurboWeb2. Here is a screen shot of their 11 tutorial articles for TurboWeb2.TurboWeb2 Review

You will notice of the 11 articles, 6 are labeled TBW, for TurboWeb instruction. Of those 6 articles, three  of them are articles about FQA’s, Licence, and General information is the same 10 minute video tutorial we’ve already seen mentioned in the above paragraph.

Here are the remaining 3 tutorial manuals Turboware has written in the last 9 months for TurboWeb2.

Semi-Auot Mode instructions is one page with 2 screen shots instructing the user how to utilize the Semi-Auot Mode of the software.

TurboWeb2 Review


TurboWeb2 Review

The WordPress-Manager instructions also has 2 screen shots instructing the user within those screen shots how to use this portion of the software.

TurboWeb2 ReviewTurboWeb2 Review

And the last instruction is for Import Bulk Email Accounts that takes up 3/4 of a page instructing the user how to set-up their Email’s in TurboWeb.

TurboWeb2 Review

After production releasing of TurboWeb2 9 months ago, these are all the tutorial and manual instructions the user will have for TurboWeb2.  However, Marius sent out a sales email letter stating how proud he was in announcing his up dated website for TurboWare.net and that we’ll be able to find all the latest features for TurboWeb and TurboRanker on the new website that he copied and pasted from the old website. Excellent work Marius of coping and pasting.

Having owned TurboWeb2 for just over 3 weeks it was obvious that the software has potential. Unfortunately TurboWare seems far more focus in development of the next great thing rather than  concentrating on their current customers satisfaction by updating and supporting existing tutorials and manual instructions that would allow the average user to becoming proficient in using TurboWeb2 in all areas. Nothing is more frustrating to a user than reading or watching an old version of the software he or she just purchased that doesn’t apply anymore. Having to use TurboWare’s support ticket system to question basic instructions on the software TurboWeb2 that are missing isn’t the answer which Marius seems to think is after shipping the product 9 months ago.

But I’ll talk about TurboWare’s support system in my next post. It will describe how an average user gets treated from this foreign company who’s communication break down wreaks havoc as shown through email correspondence.

So from a software point of view of TurboWeb2 clearly shows it will never be a part of the main stream software for SEO user’s due to the simple fact that the average user won’t have instruction manual’s or tutorials available for their learning achievement. What a shame cause the software has such potential.

TurboWeb2 Software Review