TuboWeb2 Support Continued

TuboWeb2 Support Continued

Here is the second day of TuboWeb2 Support Continued. Starting off the day with Marius’s email.

TuboWeb2 Support Continuedlol!!! all the scripts were made in script builder. It works like it should.so, is not an issue from you (because you don’t know how to use it), but is an error from the builder.

Anyway, in order to work, you have to click on the magic wand (then you will have “[select element]” enabled). when this is enabled, in the left pane, where the site is, you click in the fields you want to add data and chose what you need. and you continue like that for all fields, and at the end, for the submit button. just watch again the video demo, is very cleat there.

also, I can show you via team viewer. in just a minute, I can create a script.

you can check also the my forum and see how users are making script very easy.

It’s funny Marius because the first time I was using SB I had selected the “Wand” and the script builder couldn’t process the script I built. Than you tell me not to select the “Wand” and build the script without it because the software doesn’t work right when you select the “Wand”.

Now you’re telling me to select the “Wand” again and build the script just as the video shows. The exact same way I built the first script and the software didn’t work. You sound just like a politician Marius.

I’m sorry Marius, your script builder just doesn’t work. It certainly isn’t me cause I can follow a simple video instruction. What I can’t follow and nobody else can either, is instructions that contradict one another which you are doing. Wand off, wand on!

You are more than welcome to showing me with team viewer how to build this script Marius. Just send me a time you want to arrange it.

Before Marius was able to reply to my last email, I finally figured out how to make script builder work. Between turning the “Magic Wand” on and off between building the script and running the script it would finally function. Perhaps writing “Wand Off” – “Wand On” clicked in my head and gave me the clue. Needless to say, a simple element of the operations that was completely missing in the video tutorials and any mention of it here in Marius emails.
TuboWeb2 Support ContinuedPlease be more careful when reading my emails. Creating a script and running a script are 2 different actions. When you want create a script (record the operations like filling, clicking, etc) you activate the “wand”, just like in the video. the “wand” activates the menu from the browser. when you finished recording the actions and want to test the script, you disable the “wand”.

Hope I was clear enough now.

And I will repeat my self. the script builder works like it made to work. all my templates were made with the script builder. also, the few users who created some scripts, didn’t complain like you. for them worked like it should. they only had questions about some coding. and all said that the script builder is very easy to use and a life saver for them, because, before, they were manually creating accounts on their secrets sites, now they automated the work with the script builder.

When Marius stated “didn’t complain like you.” I thought it was time to write this Post and let the general public read how TurboWare treats their customers. It’s frustrating enough learning a brand new software package that basically has no user instructions and the instructions that are available is out of date. But to have the owner belittle you as Marius did was the last straw for me.

I don’t feel it’s the customers responsibilities in debugging a companies software. That is what beta testing is for and why it’s used. All users that have bought TurboWeb2 must be feeling symptoms of what a beta tester goes through given a new software they just received with little if any instructions. Having spent almost 2 days on the above issue is ludicrous when you see how simple the problem could have been avoided with proper documented instructions. Or the least, a support personal that can fully understand English and converse clearly how to remedy the problem the support ticket is about.

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