TurboWeb2 is a specialty software tool used by SEO companies and personals for submitting articles to Web2.0 websites. Right now it has approximately 85 Web2.0 websites you’re able to automatically submit articles to.

The 85 Web2.0 websites have a page ranking ranging from a 2 all the way up to some 9 page rankings. That is a nice rang of assorted websites to submit your articles or documents to.

To get an inside view of what it’s like using TurboWeb2 software, read the Post in this website where I’ve purchased the software and used it to back link my money sites. I go into details of how a typical user starts learning and understanding the software to where I submit to TurboWare’s Support ticket for help. You’ll see in depth the short comings this little software company faces and it’s greatest challenge to date.

Determine for yourself if TurboWeb2 software and TurboWare is a company you’d want to invest your hard earned money in for the privilege of automatically submitting your articles or is it a company you should avoid at all cost.

TurboWeb2 Cost

Speaking of cost, the price of TurboWeb2 right now is around $149 dollars for a life time license. Not a bad price, but if you do a comparison against other automated SEO submitters like GSA SER, the price really isn’t that attractive considering GSA SER has a ton more URL’s you are able to submit too. So price wise, TurboWeb2 doesn’t have an advantage over far more reliable and proven software companies out there.

TurboWeb2 Learning Curve

Ease of use for TurboWeb2 software could be a whole lot better if TurboWare were to actually release instruction manuals or tutorials that are up to date. This is perhaps one of my biggest complaints with this company. I didn’t realize the short comings of the company until I started utilizing the software only to find it’s video tutorials are for an earlier version of TurboWeb2 and it’s instruction manuals all but take up a total 3 pages worth of details explained. And those 3 pages could be condense down to 1 page if they decreased the instruction manual text font size of 16points to 10points.

Learning TurboWeb2 could have been far easier and more enjoyable if in fact TurboWare were to actually document or video record the complete process of it’s latest version. There really is no excuse why TurboWare hasn’t been able to release a instruction manual or video tutorial 9 months after shipping production software. Having to submit a support ticket to learn or understand this software is far too time consuming for me and most people I would imagine. See my Post TurboWeb2 Review for greater detail about this subject matter.

TurboWeb2 Support

Speaking of Support. TurboWeb2 needs far more support submission than normal due to the lack of instructions. Which might raise the volume of how you write your support ticket or receive feed back from Marius for the amount of support needed. In any case, the owner of TurboWare Marius Primaru seems pleasant and helpful enough up front. Unfortunately, his abilities to understand and communicate in English isn’t sufficient enough to resolve even simple problems. Marius lack of understanding English also leads to longer lead times in resolving support ticket problems. What normally might take one or two email correspondence, now can take 14 emails as one of my support tickets needed.  And the problem had such a simple solution, but because Marius English is in dire need of an overhaul, it took forever to resolve. And because it takes forever to resolve an issue, Marius looses his patience as shown in my Post: TurboWeb2 Support

Conclusion for TurboWeb2

TurboWeb2 has the opportunity of being a fantastic SEO support software. Unfortunately TurboWare has it’s priorities mixed up. If you had the chance to read all the articles about TurboWeb2 on here you’d have read it elected to concentrate all of it’s efforts on revising it’s TurboRanker software.  When it’s clear it should have updated and revised it’s manual instructions and tutorials. This would resolve 2 issues for TurboWare right away. First, it would shorten the users learning curve for TurboWeb2 exponentially. Second, it would free up Turboware’s resources ( Marius) from support tickets that no longer get filled out due to lack of instruction information.

If TurboWare takes this advise to heart, it would catapult the users overall experience of TurboWeb2.

But for now, it falls far to short of it’s full potential.



TurboWeb2 Software Review